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Custom Build: Land Rover Defender 130 for The Australian Bushman - Jamie Hazelden

Before the British Off Road Treatment

The Australian Bushman Land Rover Defender before the British Off Road treatment

After the British Off Road Treatment

The Australian Bushman Land Rover Defender after the British Off Road treatment

What we did...

BOR Accessories by British Off Road - Custom bar work

We started with bars - to protect the Defender we fitted a Terrafirma bullbar then we made a series of custom bars; the Defender is carrying a wider tray than standard, so we came up with a design to protect the defender and the tray.

Custom Rock Sliders

We made custom rock sliders that taperred out from the front to the width of the new tray.

Ladder Hoop

Then we made a custom ladder hoop to protect the tray and incorporated steps to get up onto the roof.

BOR Brush Bars

We then added the BOR custom brush bars to protect the front guards.

Video walk around of the bar work

Jamie takes us for a quick walk around of his Landy showing the British Off Road custom bar work.

Drivetrain upgrades

Drivetrain has been upgraded with front and rear Ashcroft Diff Locks, Ashcroft CVs, High-Tuff axles and BOR Drive Flanges

Ashcroft Transmissions Diff Locks

Ashcroft Lockers not only give you the advantage of extra traction they give you a stronger Diff for locked or unlocked driving

Ashcroft CVs

Hi-Tough Axles

BOR Accessories Drive Flanges


2 inch lowering shock mounts and dislocation cones allowed Jamie to use standard length suspension components (springs and shocks) and still gain wheel travel, in this case down travel

2" lowering mounts - rear

Spring dislocation cones - rear

Underbody protection

Bash plate, front diff guard, transmission guard, fuel cooler guard, rear diff guard

Front Diff Guard

Standard rover diff guard

Rear Diff Guard

Two piece diff guard as the later rear diffs don't have any of the pumpkin sticking to utilise a clamp on guard

Transmission Guard

Transmission guards are especially important on 07-> on (Puma) Defender as the transfer case hangs lower than on previous models


MUD Puma Pod

The Puma Pod

MUD Cubby Box Bin

Because there are never enough places to put things

MUD Handle

Stops you leg rubbing on the door handle on long journeys

MUD Visor Net

Great spot for a pen and log book or a couple of maps

Terrafirma Roof Console

Allows for extra storage, additional interior lights, plus mounting of a UHF or single DIN radio

MUD Puma Heat Deflector

Stop freezing or super heating your left leg on those long drives by diverting air to the footwell more evenly

MUD Puma Glovebox

Gives you some more storage in the passenger side dash

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